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Useful Information

Do you offer gluten free items?

Yes we do! However, due to limited demand, we only make them once a week. We make a fresh batch of gluten-free donuts each FRIDAY morning and they are available until sold out. While the donuts contain no gluten, they are processed on the same equipment as our regular donuts, so we can not guarantee that they are free from all contact with gluten.

Do you offer organic items?

Yes! All of our coffee is made from organic beans. And all of the water that we use in our food and beverages is amazingly clean and good for you, with just the right mineral levels of calcium and magnesium! Our donuts on the other hand, are not quite organic, but the taste makes up for that ;-)

Do you make any vegan items?

We do not offer vegan donuts at this time. However, we we do offer dairy-free smoothies as well as almond and oat milk alternatives for our coffee drinks.

Do you cater/deliver?

We are happy to schedule orders ahead of time for pickup only. You can do so through our online ordering app (link above) or by contacting us on the main page of our website.

How can I earn free or discounted donuts/coffee?

1. Download the Square app and join our rewards program here. Then when you visit our store, open the app and check in. Every purchase will earn points toward free stuff!

2. Join the Sunrise Mug Club! Buy one of our branded mugs or travel mugs in the store and bring it with you when you order. Every beverage that we serve you in that mug is 10% off!

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